Design strategies that help you and your team achieve your objectives.

Empiraa helps you take the strategy from the static environment to a live and dynamic environment. 

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Our easy to use Strategy Designer will have you designing your strategy in minutes.


Collaborate with your team around strategy and create something you all have a stake in.


Engage your teams in the overall strategy and ensure everyone has a hand in it.


Unlock Simple. Take the complexity out of your strategy and make it effortless for all.

Design strategies in minutes

Empiraa helps you design strategies in minutes. Our easy to use Strategy Designer gives you the framework to design a strategy that is flexible, engaging and achievable.

Got your own framework? No problem. Empiraa is adaptable and allows your framework to work in Empiraa.

Assign objectives to engage the team

OKRs and KPIs really come to life in Empiraa. Our objectives create flexibility to allow you to engage the team around the objective.

Assigning objectives & tasks that are aligned and related to the strategy has never been more simple.

Work with multiple organisations? Simple!

Switching companies is simple with Empiraa. Our simple to use switching tool allows you the flexibility to sit in multiple organisations.

This is especially handy if you have a franchise, professional service or you have multiple brands in your organisation.

Make strategic decisions in real time

Sheets and docs have their place, however strategy really is at its best when it is dynamic. This allows you to make real time choices around your strategy. 

Being adaptable is vital for any strategy to work.

Work as a team around the strategy

Collaboration is at the heart of any great team. Empiraa encourages that. Collaborate around your strategy as you have never before. 

Keep it on topic and relevant with Empiraa

Achieve more than results with Empiraa.

Achieving with your strategy is more than progression on a data chart. It’s about the human element. Empiraa rewards those that achieve with Empiraa. Don’t just do the strategy, achieve the strategy.

Empiraa is designed to engage your team around the strategy.

Getting started on your strategy has never been simpler.

Within minutes you can design, collaborate and engage your teams with strategy. Did we mention that the first 8 seats are free? 

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