Unlock Simple

Strategy should be simple. Empiraa helps organisations design, collaborate and engage in simple and effective strategies.

Design Strategies that Engage

Every great team has one thing in common. Engagement.


Our easy to use Strategy Designer will have you designing your strategy in minutes.


Collaborate with your team around strategy and create something you all have a stake in.


Engage your teams in the overall strategy and ensure everyone has a hand in it.


Unlock Simple. Take the complexity out of your strategy and make it effortless for all.

Features of Empiraa

Got features?

We sure do. Empiraa gives you the tools to help you design amazing strategies.

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Strategy Designer

Design simple strategies in minutes, with our simple to use strategy designer.

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Pillar & Objective Designer

Design pillars and objectives that help take your organisation to the next level.

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Love to achieve? We love it when teams and team members achieve great things.

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Want to integrate with your favourite platforms? Empiraa can do that (Pro version only).

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Always be connected to the strategy with myHub, the simple to use tool that gives true visibility.

Getting started on your strategy has never been simpler.

Within minutes you can design, collaborate and engage your teams with strategy. Did we mention that the first 10 seats are free? 

Mark Hogan
CFO - Carpet Court

What excites me about Empiraa is the visibility it will give CCA and it’s members. The simplicity of the platform will allow us to really nail the execution across the board

Frequently Asked Questions

You got 99 questions? We got answers. Well some.

There are a lot of great project management platforms. We designed and built Empiraa to help businesses design their own strategies before you even get into the objective measurement. We designed Empiraa this way from our experience. The team behind Empiraa have experienced the issue of strategy sitting in docs and project tools and gathering virtual dust. Empiraa is different as it truly is designed to engage your teams with the overall strategic vision

Well this one is a funny one, we surveyed a lot of organisations and it was 50/50 KPI and OKRs. So we thought, what is the common thread here? Objectives. Objectives come in three forms in Empiraa. Organisational Objectives, Team Objectives and Personal Objectives. This is made to simplify strategy.

From day one, we always believed that organisations of all sizes should have access to simple tools that help them execute their own strategic plan. Our Freemium plan reflects that. Free for up to 8 people in an organisation, we feel that this is a great way to introduce you to a simpler way to execute your strategy.

We would love to offer and quick and simple solution to currently import your strategy with one quick click. Although this is available yet….. We have designed the strategy designer to be simple to use, we have made it simple to bring your strategy over and simple to engage your teams.

Whilst we love Australia, we believe that strategy is global. So we have built global localisation into our platform. Doesn’t matter if you are in Egypt, Canada, Peru or Australia you will be able access and utilise Empiraa.

We got you! We have a knowledge base that is being evolved every day, new case studies and tonnes of inform being loaded in.

We offer live chat to the pro users and YouTube tutorial videos. 

Everyone should have access to the support they need to design and execute a great strategy.

At this moment, we are focused on bring you the best strategy product.

Integrations are planned, they will be here soon. 

Ready to kickoff?

You can be designing strategies in minutes.
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