The Empiraa Solution

Engaging franchises.
Succeeding together.

Strategic planning can be powerful, especially when you engage and collaborate with your teams.

Consistency around the plan

  • Engage your franchisees around the plan
  • Streamline feedback loops
  • Improve result analysis
  • Measure engagement and follow up
  • Align values

Improve franchisor/franchisee alignment

  • Develop key territory strategies
  • Measure success rates
  • Review reporting
  • Streamline communication
  • Track progress

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Adaptive business planning

  • Measure meetings
  • Share franchise values
  • Franchise performance monitoring
  • Franchisee progression planning
  • Engaging around the vision

Collaborative vision

  • Measure outcomes for franchisee/franchisor
  • Engaging the teams
  • Measure and adapt plans
  • True feedback around the strategy
  • Adaptive planning