Empiraa for franchises

Close the gap of disconnected franchises with a game plan that centralises your operations

Empiraa is a planning management platform that provides a clear framework to align your individual business goals with broader franchise objectives. By streamlining franchise processes you can create strategic consistency throughout all of your businesses.

Unleash the power of collaboration and accelerated business growth with Empiraa. Achieve your business objectives faster, enhance decision-making, and drive tangible results.

Visibility over franchisee's

With Empiraa, you can create parent accounts. This is particularly helpful for franchises where management can have clarity over each franchisee and get immediate and up-to-date visibility of their progress.
Take note of each unit's progress against your set KPI's and OKR's in an easy-to-use dashboard. At a glance, you can identify those that are high performing and those that are under performing, so you can take proactive measures to ensure everyone's success.

Streamline communication

Empiraa offers built-in communication and collaboration features, offering seamless information sharing and collaboration between franchises and their franchisees.
Franchises can easily communicate updates, share training materials, and address queries or concerns in a centralised and organised manner. This fosters a sense of community and teamwork among franchisees, promoting knowledge exchange and collective problem-solving.

Make data backed decisions

Empiraa provides a simple and affordable tool to help you identify risks and opportunities in your franchises.
With robust analytics and reporting capabilities you can feel empowered to make data-back decisions. By analysing franchise-wide data, trends, and performance metrics, franchises can identify growth opportunities, anticipate market changes, and make informed decisions about expansion, marketing strategies, and new product launches.

Use case

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Empiraa offers a dynamic and up-to-date platform that ensures plans are not just well crafted but also well executed

What good business planning feels like...

Sam C.
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Not only does Empiraa allow me to create multiple levels of objectives and tasks that contribute to the business's pillars, but it makes my life a thousand times easier when it comes to yearly performance reviews. Provided my staff regularly enter data for their assigned objectives, we can easily see their performance over a time period. The platform is really easy to use and simple to see with the traffic light style colours to indicate performance. I haven’t come across a tool like it, that combines simplicity while providing lots of value.
John T.
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Empiraa allows me to work on my business without having to worry about whether or not we’re sticking to the plan. My last business plan was written down on paper and never seen again, this platform keeps me accountable and I couldn’t have launched my startup without it.
Ali K.
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Empiraa is an excellent tool for data-driven decision-making. I appreciate how the platform provides me with valuable metrics and insights to track my progress and adjust my strategy accordingly. It's empowering to know that I can make informed decisions based on real data.
CFO Empiraa User
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I recently started using Empiraa for my business planning needs, the overall experience has been fantastic. The platform has exceeded my expectations in terms of its features and functionalities for the price. One of the things that Empiraa does exceptionally well is providing a simple way to align the business around what important and how we are tracking in near real time.
Alex M.
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Empiraa has been awesome for us as a business. Its price point is very achievable for a small business like ours and it brings so much value to us. We had tried some competitor's products and found them too expensive, too detailed and difficult to use for what we were after. Empiraa is the antithesis of them. It's simple, easy to use and affordable. It gives us great clarity over our business goals and where we are going!
Creative Director
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I like that Empiraa allows me to break down my big, long-term goals into smaller and achievable ones. It’s really hard to figure out what to focus on when you are just beginning in business and I feel like this gives me direction and focus. Not only that, but I can adapt my goals and switch things up when my direction pivots slightly.
Wayne S.
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Simple UI, easy to onboard, great for my team as it wasn’t difficult. The api is powerful and simple with Zapier. Honestly, it made my life easier. I struggled with docs and they never allowed my plan to come to life. This really did.
John Smith
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Simple, scalable, intuitive, and extremely helpful. This software pays for itself in a day, and I'd recommend it to any business as a strategy execution tool.
William Westron
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Tried out of curiosity! Now I am a regular user. Recommended!!

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