App Integration

The new EmpiraAPI: launch your plan faster

Bring all your favourite apps and data within Empiraa. Measure data from your full tech stack faster and easier than ever.

Create efficiency like never before

Pull data from all the tools you already use and execute your game plan 27 times faster. 


With the power of integrations tools like Zapier, you can set up automatic data streams to pull information from your other saas platforms into Empiraa.


Check in weekly with your objectives to make sure you are on track. See your data in one place with no need to enter numbers manually ever again.


Business planning and goal setting never looked easier! Save yourself 1000's of hours of manual data entry and tracking with EmpiraAPI.

Connecting with all your favourite tools

Reduce the double-handling of data and connect Empiraa to 5000+ apps

So how does it work?

Lets use an example

Our subject is Olivia, a Marketing Manager at a Brand Agency.

Olivia has some objectives in Empiraa around social media posts, webinars and engagement. She uses three separate programs for all three objectives: Hootsuite, Zoom and Google Analytics. Using the EmpiraAPI, Olivia sets up “zaps” with Zapier that pull the data from those three platforms into her three objectives in Empiraa.

She can now check Empiraa regularly to make sure she is on track to reach her targets. Not a single manual data entry needed!

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