The Empiraa 'Why'

It all started with an idea and a lot of grit

There has to be another way...

For years, the Founder observed that in the businesses he was working in, strategy was always talked about. A lot.
But it never really got off the ground or out of a spreadsheet. He looked for resources to help him, but they were too convoluted or didn't suit the purpose.

Like most things, he started with, "There has to be a better way."

Holy crap, there isn't a valued based solution...

Everything Ash found was expensive with little value on return. He kept thinking, "If we aren't paying anything to not do strategy, how are people asking for massive amounts of money to not follow through on the strategic execution?"

It made no sense.

Empiraa was founded on the idea of allowing people to design strategies that are truly valued in their organisations. Strategies that really engage and collaborate, bringing everyone together under a shared vision.

Lets keep it simple...

A self-professed "I'm not a smart man," Ash knows that keeping it simple is a great way to engage team members.

Empiraa is designed with a simple user interface, user-friendly and engaging. The vision for Empiraa from day one.

You don't need an MBA or a uni grad to help with your strategy. You know your business better than anyone, so let Empiraa help you form and execute the strategy that you need.

Time to globalise!

Now we've launched, it's about time to Unlock Simple globally.

We love Australia, but our goal is to give every business globally access to smart strategy tools, with a platform that will allow teams to achieve their objectives.

People are passionate about their business and we are passionate about their success.

Get your 14 day free trial today and see if Empiraa is right for your business.