use case for advisors and consultants

The revolutionary new era of strategic advising is here: simply craft powerful plans for your clients

Have you ever wished for a more intuitive and seamless way to plan the future of your client's business?

Use case for advisors and consultants

why empiraa

Empower your clients and add value to your business

Adding Empiraa as the preferred planning platform to your business services, allows you to have real-time view of how your clients are tracking.

Support your service delivery by building a plan out for clients using Empiraa to help keep them on track, hitting targets and getting the most value out of your consults. Not only does the game plan keep your clients on top of things, but you can have access to track their progress and check in with them should they need assistance.

keep on track

One plan in one place

Empiraa’s myHub is your ally in strengthening client engagement with their strategic plan. Assist your clients in understanding their roles, their objectives, and their significant impact on the plan.

Foster connection and commitment with dynamic tools to keep everyone engaged. All in one dashboard so everyone can see how they are tracking and keeping accountable.

define goals

Simplify complex challenges

Are you finding the use of spreadsheets and PowerPoint for business planning time-consuming and inefficient, especially in creating and actioning business objectives?

Empiraa’s Objective Designer is your trusted tool to guide your clients towards sustainable growth. Help your clients define clear OKRs and KPIs, leveraging AI-assisted simplicity and practical templates. Enhance your value proposition, simplifying complex challenges and facilitating goal achievement for your clients. With the Objective Designer, you’re not just advising – you’re fueling the engines of business growth.

Did someone say features?
We've got a bunch

Unlock your business’s full potential with Empiraa’s intelligent planning engine, collaborative workspace, and performance analytics. Drive strategic alignment, enhance collaboration, and make data-driven decisions for lasting business success.


simple interface

Get your business game plan front of mind for everyone

Say goodbye to lost strategy documents forever. Keep the plan front of mind for the whole team with Empiraa’s myHub page, clearly showing how you are progressing toward your goals at all times. A simple interface, in a central place, never to be lost again!

measurable data

Get current data that tells you where you're at in a glance

Static plans be gone! No longer worry about how you’re tracking with your planning. In seconds you can see how the team is tracking towards your goals with easy to read live data that can be enhanced through our API integration. Make timely and accurate decisions when you are empowered with the information.

Data on Empiraa app


Bring collaboration back to your business planning

Business planning no longer needs to sit with just the founder and leadership team. Now you can empower your whole team to contribute to the business vision and give them a better understanding of your ‘why’. Use the built-in chat features and assign your team their own objectives to contribute to the organisation’s pillars.

api integration

Automate data flows with the EmpiraAPI

Don’t spend time manually entering your data for your game plan. Save hundreds of hours by connecting your favourite apps to the EmpiraAPI. Enable automatic data flows from your most used programs to keep your plans up-to-date and accurate. Monitor your progress in real-time and keep aligned with your goals.

Ai technology

Enhance your planning potential with AI technology

Need help with knowing how to breakdown your objectives into actionable tasks? Or maybe need some inspiration for a vision statement? Streamline the brainstorming process for your game plan with AI assistance. Level up your business planning and take inspiration from industry-specific suggestions powered by OpenAI.

Hear what other Advisors think

Empiraa has allowed me to check in with my clients on regular basis to ensure they are following through on their action items. Because it's a cloud-based platform, it means there are no excuses like before with losing the spreadsheet and therefore not following through. My clients have noticed higher productivity levels in their business as well as better clarity on what really matters. It enables them to revert important decision making back to whether it resonates with the business goals and gets them closer to their vision.

Empiraa has been so great in helping us implement their platform across our clients businesses. Their customer service is like no other we have dealt with. We were contacted by Dean to become an Empiraa Solutions Partner which was a perfect fit for our clients. Dean took us through a demo of the platform and was also available for quick phone calls to help us set everything up. It’s great to deal with real people willing to put the time in to help your business.

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With Empiraa, consulting and advisory firms can offer a higher level of professionalism, drive tangible results for their clients, and strengthen long-term partnerships.