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Empiraa streamlines business planning for SME leaders and startup founders, simplifying the process to achieve goals. Develop a clear, tailored game plans for your unique business with Empiraa’s simple approach.

How Empiraa helps you game plan for the future, today.

Your game plan in one place

The MyHub view of your game plan outlines your personal objectives and tasks as well as showing the overall organisational pillars and how your efforts are feeding into the overall business. See in one glance how you are tracking and areas that need to be focused on.

Measure against your game plan

Whether you use OKRs, KPIs or both, set measurable objectives with trackable metrics. This is your competitive advantage.

Embrace simple setups

Our simple plan designer is give you a competitive advantage and is simple and easy to use for businesses with a strategy already in place or startup developing their business strategic planning from scratch.

Understand the vision

Keep your core values front of mind by using our pre-made values or creating your own custom ones. Your people can always see your why and how they are making valuable contributions.

Live business score board

View data live for your objectives and tasks to easily see if you are on track to achieving your goals.

Create all stars in their roles

Empiraa acts as the perfect platform to set team pillars and goals that feed into the overall business strategy. Use the chat feature to give each other feedback and monitor team success with live data. Collaboration around your strategic plan is your competitive advantage.
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A live and dynamic plan all in one place.

Simplicity at work.

Our users needed a simple way to plan and execute. Empiraa delivers simplicity around your game plan.

Creating simple, collaborative game plans to give you the vision you need.